Pre conf: Next Generation Datacenter – Level: 300

Pre conf: Next Generation Datacenter – Level: 300

Level: 300, Pre conf: IT-Pro

The datacenter is evolving, in one end we have the legacy datacenter and in the future your datacenter will not even have server OS installed that you can manage. In this pre-conference you will learn how to move from the legacy datacenter to the next generation datacenter running either in Azure, or in Azure Stack or by using Software Defined Features in Windows and System Center.

You will learn how to use Azure resources for both your on-prem resources as well as your Azure resources with Azure Server Manager Tools. How to use Azure Resource Manager in a smart way. How to build the next generation storage solutions on-prem (if needed). How to automate using SMA, Flow and PowerShell. How to use the new Azure Stack, as well as using the legacy, but updated Azure Pack. How to build Self-Service for your co-worker and/or end-users. You will learn how to increase the number of servers you can manage from a few to a few thousands.

During this day, Markus and Mikael will take you step-by-step to the next generation datacenter, it will be a fun and demo intense day, that’s for sure!

Quote from an attendee last year: “The best part of TechDays was by far the pre-conf with Mikael and Markus.”