Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA

Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA


Architecting on Azure, Azure Solutions, Data Professionals, High Availability, Level: 200, Sessioner2018

Have you ever been asked what the cloud means for your database environment or wondered if Azure is a viable platform for a new system? If so, look no further!

This session begins with an overview of Azure and where SQL Server fits in among the other services of the cloud. It follows with key differences between SQL Server on-prem, SQL Server on a VM, Azure SQL Server and Azure SQL Server Managed Instance, as well as discuss some of the pros, cons, challenges and benefits of putting a database in the cloud in the first place.

If you are eager to explore the database offerings in Azure, gain a basic understanding of which toys to use when and develop a plan for harnessing the power of the cloud, then this session will provide the tools you need to step into a new world.