Chris Klug & Peter Örneholm: Introduction to TypeScript and webpack - Level 200

Chris Klug & Peter Örneholm: Introduction to TypeScript and webpack - Level 200


Level: 200, Utvecklare

Denna session tillhör spåret The Client Side Story.

As web development is going from just displaying information, to writing browser hosted applications,our needs as developers change. First of all, a lot of developers feel the need for a more structured, and easily maintained language to work with, which is why Microsoft introduced TypeScript. A JavaScript superset, which has more or less become the de facto standard for writing modern, scalable and bulletproof client side code. Untyped exceptions at runtime, and abysmal tooling support belongs in the history. Something that large frameworks like Angular and Aurelia has already realized.

However, this new world of browser based applications also changes the way we handle our client-side code and resources. The resources are getting bigger and more complex, and require more and more processing. We all of the sudden need transpilation, bundling, minification and optimizations that has developers crying out for help, which is exactly what webpack is trying to give them. However, it does present a bit of a hurdle to get over when getting started, and it looks fairly complicated and scary, but it isn’t that bad once you get started.

The topics are too big to make you an expert in an hour, but hopefully you will walk out understanding the concepts well enough to both start building your applications using TypeScript, and generate your own client-side resource bundles using webpack.

Main target: Utvecklare