Darrel Miller: Cultivating an API Ecosystem - Level: 200

Darrel Miller: Cultivating an API Ecosystem - Level: 200


Level: 200, Sessioner2017, Utvecklare

Denna session tillhör spåret Architecting in the New World.

Many businesses today recognize that HTTP APIs are a critical part of their IT infrastructure. They can be low cost to develop, simple to integrate and deliver high business value.  Building and managing one API is easy, however, many become challenging.  API Guidelines, review board meetings, standard HTTP patterns and API Management products are some of the tactics used to define an overall company API strategy.

Based on my experience as a developer on the Azure API Management team, a member of Microsoft’s Office API and Azure API review boards, and contributor to the OpenAPI specification and the Microsoft API Guidelines, this talk will provide real world experience on the challenges faced when trying to help teams build better and more consistent HTTP APIs.

Main target: Developer