Getting started and beyond: Your guide to EMS

Getting started and beyond: Your guide to EMS

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This full day pre-conf will show you how important and still manageable the correct integration of EMS+S are for your organization. There will be lots of demos and guides delivered to the attendees.

Fear and Dangers
The key to a successful Microsoft EM+S implementation and utilization lays in an though and ongoing risk evaluation. Even though we cannot give you a complete predefined risk assessment, we will go through scenarios and tips to give you some tools and thought to create your own risk assessment.

Introduction to EM+S
The EM+S Suit contains lots of different tools and feature, this introduction will help you understand the entire suite and when to use the different license version

Identity Protection
The core of everything in the modern cloud oriented world lays in the users identity. Selecting the best way of exposing your user to the modern cloud while still remain secure AND user friendly might seem like an impossible task. We will show you how EM+S can help you succeed with this.

Device Protection
The users are connecting more and more devices to your organizations services and data. How should we react to make sure the devices are under control, or what can we do if it’s not feasible for the user to give over the control of their device to you.

Data Protection
However challenging, data protection might be the most critical aspect when it comes to your business survival and growth. Securing company and personal data is no longer a matter of firewalls and secure home-folders, it is a place- and platform agnostic threat that could be significantly improved with both AIP and other tools in the EM+S suite.

With all the new security measurement in place, you might either let you mind wonder away and never think about it again, or you might be laying in your bed at night afraid that you measurement isn’t working at all.
Anyway monitoring are an important part of the EM+S suit, and with added automation possibilities you can increase your security those extra notch