Manage Your Secure Hybrid Client Environment Using Microsoft 365

Manage Your Secure Hybrid Client Environment Using Microsoft 365

Level: 300, Pre-conf, Pre-Conf IT Influencers & Implementers, Sessioner2018

Under dagen går vi – med Microsoft 365 som utgångpunkt – igenom de vanligaste utmaningarna som uppstår under tiden vi är påväg mot molnet. Hur hanterar vi print? Access till lokala filservers? Hur installerar vi mer komplexa applikationer med Intune etc? Dagen är scenariobaserad och där deltagarna får lösa problem från riktiga kundcase och som hjälper dem vidare mot en hybrid-klientmiljö.

a. The day will start with a quick workshop around what challenges the attendees see with a hybrid Modern Workplace environment and a discussion around what’s blocking them to move there or move larger parts of their organizations to modern management. We’ll then start from the ground up to build a secure modern workplace based on Microsoft 365 services.

b. Managing identities and secure access to on-premises and cloud resources

Using Azure AD and AD we’ll walk through how to get access to local resources such as file-servers and applications in a Azure AD or Hybrid AD scenario. The module will also include an overview of the different options available for authentication such as AD FS, Pass Through Auth and Password synchronization. We’ll also introduce Azure ATP and explain how it integrates with Windows and Office 365 ATP.

c. Securing your environment using Microsoft EM+S and Windows Enterprise

Using Azure AD, AIP and Intune this module will be all about securing identities, data and devices that can be either modern and mobile or LAN-connected workstations that never leave the office. We’ll use connectors and scanners to connect the power of the cloud to servers and services on-prem.

d. Deploying and managing Office solutions from the cloud

We’ll use Intune to deploy Office ProPlus and Microsoft Teams and connect it to Azure services such as OneDrive, Exchange Online and Teams. Enabling secure co-operation between members of your organization and other organizations.

e. Modern Management using Microsoft Intune

iUsing the latest release of Windows 10 combined with the power of Intune we’ll solve the challenges of application deployments, printers and automation to create the best possible user experience using a minimum of administrative effort.

All attendees should bring their own computer to be able to participate in labs.