Storytelling: The one thing AI can't do.

Storytelling: The one thing AI can't do.


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, IT Decision Makers, Level: 100, Sessioner2018

They’re faster. Ubiquitous. They don’t get tired. They operate 24/7 and can make better predictions. In the battle of business operational efficiency, the machines win hands down. But there’s one thing they will never be able to do better: captivate customers with powerful storytelling.

In this session, Miri will showcase how Microsoft is conquering the art of storytelling in the technical space to effectively connect with customers and win fans. She will share storytelling techniques and present relevant examples of what leading brands are doing to successfully position themselves in the market, beyond AI solution offerings.

Key takeaways:
– Practical dos and don’ts in storytelling
– How to use storytelling as a business strategy to reach customers beyond the technical space
– Which technical stories to tell and why