Windows Defender ATP Machine Learning Defences

Windows Defender ATP Machine Learning Defences

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Microsoft has been investing heavily in next-generation security technologies to protect customers from malicious downloads and targeted threats. These technologies use our ability to consolidate large sets of data and build intelligent systems that learn from that data. These machine learning (ML) systems flag and surface threats that would otherwise remain unnoticed amidst the continuous hum of billions of normal events and the inability of first-generation sensors to react to unfamiliar and subtle stimuli.

By augmenting expert human analysis, machine learning has driven an antimalware evolution to provide real time detection of unknown and highly polymorphic malware and advanced attacks that are camouflaged as events triggered by common tools and everyday applications.

In this presentation, we explore the machine learning techniques that have transformed Windows Defender ATP into a formidable solution for preventing attacks from infecting customers and also for detecting post breach activity.