Marcus Murray

Marcus Murray



Marcus Murray is a senior security consultant focusing on Microsoft technology. He is a keynote speaker on Microsoft events and the developer of the Microsoft TechNet Security Labs in Sweden. Marcus was the No#1 Top rated Speaker at Teched US 2010, 2008, 2007, TechED europe 2007, 2006 and ITForum 2005. He is known for his deep technical security awareness sessions and his ability to teach the ITPRO community how to understand and mitigate threats from hackers, vulnerabilities and malware. Today he also focuses alot on the security features Microsoft Cloud technologies (Azure, Office365, ADFS 2.0, Intunes etc.), Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2. He is a certified CISSP, MCT, MCSE+Security, MVP-Enterprise Security. His most common assignments is Security assessments, penetration testing, security research, security implementations such as Server/Client/AD Hardening, PKI, smartcard deployments, Direct Access/IPSEC, ISA deployments etc. Marcus is the leader of the TrueSec Security Team, an elite-team of Security consultants and researchers. His customers are governments, banks, large enterprises and security-focused organisations located all over the world.

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