Are you prepared for a cyberattack - Red Teaming Methodology Workshop

Are you prepared for a cyberattack - Red Teaming Methodology Workshop

Level: 300, Pre-conf, Pre-Conf IT Influencers & Implementers, Security, Sessioner2018

Organizations are facing continuously growing and evolving threats against their digital assets and infrastructure. Red Teaming is an assessment methodology that allows organizations to understand and rate their security operations and security posture when facing a real threat. Using a hands-on approach, we introduce you to the concepts of Red Teaming and how it differs from traditional penetration and vulnerability testing.

This workshop will also give you guidance on creating and maintaining your own internal Red Teams with the ability to conduct physical, social, and classic network and system testing activities.

Learning Objectives
– Understand the benefits of Red Teaming
– Understand the skills needed for target system takeover (client-side targeting, web-based attacks, malware and system exploitation, network and service based attacks, social engineering and physical penetration testing)
– Understand the concept of stealthy execution and attack approaches

Marcus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti, key members of the TRUESEC cybersecurity team and Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP’s will share their experience on tools, methodology and lessons learned from many successful red team operations and give you an insight in red team activities.