Managing Windows 10 2018 style

Managing Windows 10 2018 style


Level: 300, Pre-Conf IT Influencers & Implementers

The buzz words are many and confusing, the different solutions and options you have are not always that clear. We will walk through the many Microsoft offers for managing Windows 10 devices, users and information. During the day we will break down the management options to something that makes sense, and give you real-life experience and scenarios.

– We will look at real world scenarios where Modern Management is implemented

– What is possible and not possible with a cloud only approach managing your Windows 10 Environment

– When do we need ”big-gun-muscle” help from Active Directory, GPO and ConfigMgr

– You will learn about technology like Windows 10, Co-Management, Autopilot, Intune, MDM and how to implement a ”Modern Management” approach today with its limitations.